Platte River

You know how Michigan has a reputation for being drunk boat people? Well, the Platte River is why.

We brought our kayaks to the Platte River, put in at Lake Michigan, and paddled upstream to Loon Lake. The current was consistent but not too strong.


The water was sooooo clear. 

We passed hundreds and hundreds of people floating downstream. We were told we were going the wrong way a few times, but people were mostly just relaxing.

You can rent kayaks for $35 and tubes for $16 at The Trading Post and at Riverside Canoe. They handle pick up and all that so all you have to worry about is relaxing.


The water was incredibly shallow in some parts, up to our ankles. Most of the time, it was about chest height, going by other people in the water.

We paddled for a few hours and as the day went on, people got drunker and drunker. Some had radios, a lot were smoking, and the curse words were flying. If you like to party on the water, a Platte River float is for you. I personally had fun just watching everyone.


At one point, you bottleneck at a gate in the water. If anyone knows what this is, please leave a comment. We aren’t sure.


We got to Loon Lake and decided to turn around, which was good, because soon after, I got sunscreen in my eyes and couldn’t see.


Like, I was blind. My mom literally had to tow me downriver back to the boat launch.


The boat launch was insanely crowded. There were drunk people singing, drunk people smoking, and drunk people trying to walk with kayaks. I had to pee, and I wasn’t the only one. All that beer goes through you. I know people were peeing in the Platte River. You would have to. Luckily there were bathrooms.

While I am not a party-girl, I still really enjoyed myself. People were friendly and chatty. There was some weird kid showing everyone a dead fish he found. I got to see a lot of different parenting styles.

Getting the kayaks back to our car was difficult. There were just so many people in our way. I can see why people would pay to not have to worry.

It’s a great day trip. Especially if you have a group of people.

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