Big Lake Trading Post, Page AZ

“So this store has a lot of pop in it,” Rob tells us as we wait for the gas to finish filling up our car.

“Like a lot? Because I don’t really want to get out of the car,” I tell him. My sister nods.

“I think it might be worth it,” Rob says as he walks off and into the store.

We sigh and follow him.





Wagon in front of the store.

Um, understatement of the year, Rob. There were SOOOOOO many kinds of pop.


So much soda pop.








I wanted to buy the Ranch Dressing Soda but I also didn’t want to throw up so…




And the candy. Oh my, the candy. From classic to gross.


Pez…pez’s…pezzes…pezes…what’s the plural of Pez?



Soooo much candy.

And if you’re a weirdo and like pickles, they have a ton of different…flavors, I guess? I don’t know anything about pickles because they’re gross.


All the different pickle flavors.

The even had a deli!


And of course, candy with bugs in it.


What a horrible surprise.

And for you fancy-ass people, some expensive water from Sedona.


Some fancy ass water.

There is no way of knowing what is on the inside of this gas station store from the outside. According to Rita, the incredibly nice store clerk who has been there four years, some guy from California was on vacation in Page, AZ, walked in, decided he liked the store location, and bought it. “What a life,” I said. Rita agreed.

Apparently the guy had several stores in California full of strange candy and pops and pickles and decided to bring it to Arizona. It’s only been like this since April 2017.

So go check it out the next time you’re in Page, AZ. It’s totally worth it. We spent like 45 mins and $45 dollars in there. Totally worth it.

Oh yeah, the address: 1501 Coppermine Rd, Page, AZ

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