California Academy of Sciences

Um, this place is pretty cool. It is a natural history museum, planetarium, rainforest, aquarium, and zoo all wrapped in one. I learned a lot, but since I’m writing this several years after I went, I can’t actually remember anything I learned.

There is an albino alligator front and center. I usually hate seeing animals in zoos but I’m convinced that guy would be dead if he were in the wild. Pretty easy to spot an albino alligator in the water equals not much food for him. He seemed pretty content.

If I lived near this place, I would be going all of the time. One day is not enough and I had to rush through a lot of exhibits. I would highly recommend you visit if you’re one of those nerd types who like to learn on their vacations like I do.

I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures.

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