Lombard Street

The one thing I did not expect to see at Lombard Street was the mass of Asians. The bottom of the street was packed with Asian tourists all taking photos. I don’t know how people live in those houses on the street. I’d get super annoyed with the mass of humanity constantly at my doorstep. People were even walking down the street despite the cars trying to drive on it.

Next to the street are steps leading to the top. I walked them. God they were steep. I was not the only one stopping to take a rest. I walked right past people’s front doors and garages. Again, how anyone lives there is beyond me. They should turn those houses into businesses. Good foot traffic.


At the top, I waited around with the crowd and watched the cars and the few idiot people go down the street. I waited because I expected a cab to come around. I was sure with all those tourists, cabs would be offering $5 rides down the street. But no cabs. I was psyching myself up to ask if someone would take me down when I saw a cab drop people off. I pounced. The guy was confused. He didn’t understand why I would pay him $5 to drive down Lombard Street, which makes me think I could move there and corner the market on Lombard Street tourists.

In the end, I paid him $5, and he drove me down the street. It was actually my first time in a cab and it was actually pretty sweet. He had to drive so slowly because of those turns and I was actually having a lot of fun hanging out the window. I had plenty of time to get video and pictures because of how slow he had to go. Again, how anyone can live there is beyond me.

I was a horrible, horrible tourist who did a horribly touristy thing but I don’t care. It was cool in a completely lame way that I’m embarrassed to be writing about.

How do you drive into your garage?

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